mitchs-blog-22nd-dec-6I’ve been here in Thailand for several days now; a busy few days it’s been too, with daily counselling sessions, yoga classes and in my free time, visits to some of Chiang Mai’s 300-odd temples.

The excellent weather means I’m having very little pain, there being a direct link between the cold & damp and the CRPS pain I frequently experience in my lower legs. Mind you, morphine also helps!

It seems amazing to me that I’m here at all. A couple of months ago I wouldn’t have considered the possibility, let alone travel all this way, alone, and without mitchs-blog-22nd-dec-2my mobility scooter. I’m hugely grateful for the new lease of life I’ve been given.

Who’d have thought an unrelated operation would have so improved my wellbeing?

So here I am in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, having a wonderful time in the sunshine. I’m here at the suggestion of The Life Change People ( an organisation that provides a therapeutic mitchs-blog-22nd-dec-1environment for women who are seeking to alter their lives in some way.

Chrissy Richman, who runs the enterprise, says that many of her clients end up rethinking their values and doing things differently, changing jobs or relocating, or reconfirming earlier decisions with renewed enthusiasm.

Being bed bound for the best part of 20 years, I’ve had no option but to live a very small life. My hope is that Chrissy will show me how to increase my confidence to take advantage of my improved health and mobility. Will it happen? Stick around and find out!

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