Hope you’ve all enjoyed a great Christmas and have lots of lovely things planned for the next few days of the holiday 🙂

Here in Chiang Mai I’ve been out somewhere or done something every day since I arrived. I thought all these activities might cause me pain but my only difficulty has been that in between times I have to rest or I’m in too much discomfort to do it again the following day. It’s been close but extreme pain would make it such a waste of a holiday.

mitchs-blog-26th-dec-1Interestingly, when the heat of the sun hits the discoloured areas of my lower legs (pretibial myxedema) they seem to vibrate with pain that quickly becomes outrageous. I might test this further but to be fit for my various activities it’s easier not to push it and to rest in the cool of my room during free time.

Tried a real Thai massage last week. Wow! How these tiny ladies exert such a force I don’t know! I peed excessively for several days and the swelling in my legs and stomach genuinely appeared to reduce. May have another massage before I come home but not too close to travelling, methinks!

A couple of days ago I went silversmithing to a monk training centre at
one of the many city temples. I made myself a bangle and engaged in a monk mitchs-blog-26th-dec-3chat; the monks talk about Buddhism and do their best to persuade you to make a financial donationto the temple. Needless to say, I succumbed. Yesterday I did a vegan Thai cookery course, which was brilliant! My pumpkin hummus was pretty good! I’ve eaten better here than I have for many months at home.

Counselling and yoga come to a stop over the weekend. Chrissy, my counsellor, has an extra day off for the holiday mitchs-blog-26th-dec-4but I resume yoga today. This afternoon I’ll be visiting more temples and revisiting the WONDERFUL takeaway food market! Seriously fantastic smells!! Hundreds of prepared meals all simmering away in great pots and endless displays of fruits and vegetables and traditional sweets in garish colours, most of which I’ve never seen before! It’s a bit like something out of Harry Potter…!

Must also go into the Thai Airways office to see if I can sort out seats and meals for the journey home; being hunched up and unable to move is no longer an option; I can’t go through that again and shouldn’t need to when I was promised so much more at the time of booking. Fingers crossed Chrissy’s driver-guide Son and I can sort it out.

My yoga teacher will be here soon, about which more another time. For now, wherever you are, enjoy the remainder of your own festive holiday!

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