The announcements of flights departing to Taipei, Ho Chi Minh city, Phnom Penh & Kuala Lumpur provide an exciting reminder that I’m now in a very different part of the world.

Shortly after 6am it was already a gentle 17°. Given the instruction not to move, I’d been seated on the edge of Bangkok Airport’s main transit corridor, waiting to have my apparently uncertain connection to Chiang Mai double checked. So long as I end up in the same location as my baggage…!

mitchs-blog-17-12-1Compared to the apparent confusion at Bangkok, Heathrow’s special assistance worked like a dream. Just as well as the departure gate was as far from the departures hall as it was possible to get. Part wheelchair,
part buggy transfer – without this help, well, I couldn’t have walked a fraction of the distance. Eventually lorry lifts arrived for both ends of the second, Bangkok to Chiang Mai, leg of the journey, for which I was especially grateful.

It wasn’t a great journey for confiscation however. Heathrow staff checking the contents of my cabin bag threw out several items I should have included in my hold baggage. Then on the way to the Chiang Maimitchs-blog-17-12-2transfer, my tiny scissors were picked up by Xray and also removed. I’ll be more careful in the future.

The long haul, London to Bangkok plane, was a beast! A double decker, and almost completely full. And the choice of movies! – I felt spoiled! There the fun ended; my several times ordered special menu wasn’t available  – in fact my name wasn’t even on the special menus manifest as the cabin steward demonstrated. The promised aisle seat also wasn’t available and with cramped legs I was soon in a lot of pain and unable to sleep.

It’s going to take time to recover from the journey but I’m already more or less settled into the beautiful Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel ( where huge effort has been made to accommodate my dietary requirements and mobility issues. Given that so much has gone so well, in hindsight it’s a mystery why I was wobbly with anxiety in the days before I came away!